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What is Italiano Please! and how do we work?

We are principally a takeout/delivery service operating online until we find a store-front location - stay tuned for news on that!

We offer authentic Roman food that can be ordered every Tuesday on the website through the "order online" button (for deliveries on Friday) or any other day under the form of a special order (to be made through the phone or by email and, for now, we ask to be given a few days notice).

Check our Gallery to see what some of our dishes look like!

Our food can also be bought at Farmer's Markets!

You can find us:

at the Triwood Farmer's Market (in Calgary) on Tuesdays, 

at the Crossfield Farmer's Market and the High River Farmer's Market on alternate Thursdays,

at the Okotoks Farmer's Market on alternate Fridays, and

at the cSPACE  Farmer's Market (in Calgary) on alternate Saturdays!

YYC Summer Cooler by Meals on Wheels!!!
For July our Cool Summer Promo is Pasta Fredda alla Checca (pasta salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil). Get some on Tuesdays at Triwood Farmer's Market from 3:30 to 6:30 pm & on Fridays at Marda Loop Communities Association Hall from 11:00am to noon.

$1 from each portion sold goes to support Meals on Wheels.  
Follow the event on 
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This week's Meal Boxes include:

- Farro di Testaccio (spelt
salad with tuna, corn,
grilled zucchini, and olives)
- Timballo alla Gricia
(baked pasta with pancetta)
- Pollo co'i peperoni (chicken
on the bone cooked with tomatoes and bell peppers)
- Sorrentina sauce. 


Vintage Ape auto

Ask us about the opportunity to have

our Vintage Ape-auto

be a special guest at

your private outdoor event!

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A Dream That has

Been Cooking for Years

Italiano Please! is a small family run business specialized in authentic Italian food from Rome. 
Our aim is to provide you with an amazing taste experience, sharing our love for all things Roman with you while keeping our focus on 
inclusivity, providing a safe, welcoming environment for all.


Contact Us

Tuesday: closing orders for meal boxes for the week, and find us at Triwood Farmer's Market.

Thursday: find us at Crossfield/High River Farmer's Markets.

Friday: Find us at Okotoks Farmer's Market and Meal Box delivery.

Saturday: Find us at cSPACE Farmer's Market.

For catering, events, and info contact us:



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