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Our Story

Rome runs in our veins, Food is our passion, Championing diversity and inclusion is our trademark.

Italiano Please! is a thriving and vibrant venture in Calgary for a family that has nearly 4 decades of experience in the food & beverage business in Rome, Italy. With several years of experience in empowering challenged people both as workers and clients in the specialized catering industry, forever more our focus will be on creating an accepting, welcoming, and safe environment for people of all communities as staff members or visitors to our establishment.

Culinary Director

Lucio Petrini

Lucio is the most Roman of us all, although he is the only one who wasn't born in Rome. He goes by he/him pronouns and strongly believes in keeping Italian culture and flavours alive. 

When he's not cooking you can find him reading a book or taking a long brisk walk. 

He is passionate about family and sharing his italianità!

GLP official photo.jpg

Executive Director

Barbara Lee

Barbara was born in Rome but grew up right here in Calgary. Recently returned after 30 years away with the rest of the Italiano Please! team, she is excited about bringing YYC a truly Roman food experience in an environment that champions diversity and favours inclusion. Barbara, who goes by she/her pronouns, loves animals, being outdoors and (even better) a combination of both.

BEL official photo.jpg

Back Office Manager

Federico Petrini Lee

Fede was born in Rome.

in high school his studies specialized in surveyor. 

He does adaptive Crossfit, wheelchair fencing, plays wheelchair rugby. He also coaches wheelchair basketball being a #1 fan of Canadian wheelchair basketball star, Patrick Anderson.  

Fede has a bartending certification and, as he also studied acting, we like to say he is the comedian of the family.

He goes by he/him pronouns.

FPL official photo.jpg

Chef / Public Relations Manager

Bea Petrini Lee

Bea (she/her pronouns) is the youngest member of the family!

She moved to Calgary in 2018 to "pursue her passion" in vocal music at Central Memorial High School, the home of PVA.

Ever since she was just a kid Bea always enjoyed cooking with her favourite chef, her dad. She is very excited about this new project the family has undertaken and is a fundamental maker of the magic that is created in our kitchen.

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